I'm an 19 year old, submissive male. located in California. This blog will reflect my inner sexual desires, or just things i find attractive.

This will mostly consist of pegging, anal, FemDom, women, butts, occasional shemales and chastity.

Im also looking to talk to some good people interested in the same or similar things as me!

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1. One healthy testicle can produce enough sperm to fertilize a woman’s eggs.
2. The left testicle is more likely to be larger or hang lower inside the scrotum.
3. Testicles have nerve endings attached to the stomach.
4. A prolonged squeeze can cause a man to black out. A hard strike can sterilize him.
5. Testicles can double in size during sex.
6. Testicles elevate just before ejaculation and actually make direct contact with the body at the moment of truth. Interestingly, in approximately 85 percent of men the right testicle rises before the left one. 
7. Testicles can manufacture about 100 million sperm per release.
8. Testicles hang outside of the body because the ideal temperature for sperm production is one to two degrees lower than typical body temperature.
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My wife confessed that she was once double teamed when I wasn’t home. It happened somewhat spontaneously. Our neighbor’s brother was staying with him and they ventured outside to walk their property, unwittingly catching my wife lying out in our backyard. Her lack of modesty upon being caught initiated some serious hard-on’s. She told me it only took a little joke; “looks like you guys could use a little relief”. She said they filled every hole she had for an entire afternoon.

I want to be double teamed
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====Thanks for the submission ====
Show us your strapon and pegging skills!
We would LOVE to post your hot pics !submit here: http://strapongirl.tumblr.com/submit
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Sexy redhead Nikki Rhodes pile-driving Jimmy Broadway, pegging… #Femdom, #Strapon - #AnalFisting, #Bdsm, #Bondage, #Cuckold, #Femdom, #Flogging, #Kinbaku, #Kinky, #Latex, #NikkiRhodes, #Pegging, #Piledriver, #Redhead, #Rimming, #Strapon

That’s it…..cum in your own mouth. It tastes so good.
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More @ http://www.reddit.com/user/jbmg
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** Anal… but with Love **one soft post, one hard post
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"I like to see what you’re doing"
- analgirls ⇋ xxmidnightfuckxx
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the-thick: Ryan SmilesBig Wet Butts |… Reblogged from: ass-candy.tumblr.com More good stuff at niceacehole.tumblrclick here to follow!
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Photo: Coiled Up